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It's not everyday that I tell a fib, but I told one!  I didn't realize it would only take Amazon 5 hours to publish Dark Desires!  That's crazy fast!  But it's also very good news!  It's available now for only .99 cents!  Woot!

I love NCP, but I write fast and I needed to get my tales out there to you!  After all, I don't write for anyone else but you!

Dark Desires 


Julia moaned softly as a deep breath escaped her delicate lips.  Merrick’s eyes returned to their usual place, watching her.  He watched her chest rise and fall with each tender inhale.  He watched her pulse push against her skin like a butterfly desperately wanting to escape a net.  Her fingers twitched as a small hint of restored magic began to seep from the tips.  The blue smoke that was her calling card was making an appearance.  It began as a shadow, a whisper of former glory and then it just disappeared.  Her hand closed into a fist and she continued to sleep.
Merrick hadn’t released his hold on her.  He kept her close, close to the cold armor that protected him from her.  Sometimes he thought he understood what it would be like to be a prisoner because his armor kept him caged.  He wondered if those on the outside ever took for granted the tender touch from a lover or just a touch in general.
His gaze fell onto her black locks that flowed over the bright white pillow and he sighed.  He adored her hair and when she pulled it behind her neck earlier, he had almost lost control.  He knew that whenever she revealed her long, lean neck, he would go crazy.  He wanted to kiss her where her neck met her collar bone in that small triangular area.  It called to him.
He took another deep breath as he watched her like he had done so many times before.   She swallowed and he watched her muscles slide down her neck rolling as if something otherworldly remained hidden just under the surface.  It was then that he released her from his tight hold and ignored every teaching and every rule that had been pounded into his mind since childhood.
Merrick slid off his gray iron gauntlet and laid it gently on the floor.  He pulled off the brown leather glove that kept the metal from his skin.  For a moment, he merely relished in the freedom of air touching his skin during waking hours but that moment disappeared in a flash as his fingers danced toward Julia’s hair. 
He had to touch her.  If no one saw him, then he wasn’t really breaking any rules.  After all, it was only a touch.  Nothing more.  He needed to know how silky her hair truly was, how smooth her skin was, and what it would be like to feel close with someone.

I hope you enjoy the back story on Merrick and Julia.  You will see them again in the third/fourth installment of Dior entitled, Dior: Dreamscape and Dior: Spawn.


Erin Dameron-Hill

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cover art for Dark Desires has arrived!

Coming in January!

Woohoo!  The cover art for my January release, Dark Desires, is here!  I absolutely love what my cover artist, Alicia Calmes did!  She is very talented!  You can see more of her work here (click here for link)

My newest fantasy love bite, Dark Desires, is an 11,002 word short story intent on desire, corruption, and temptation.

Merrick is a Blood Keeper, a knight sworn to vows of chastity, dedicated to the Creator, and protector of the commoners.  His only duty in life is to watch a powerful Mage, Julia.  He is meant to keep her power in check, to make sure her magic doesn't spill onto innocent bystanders.  Magic is extremely dangerous and must always be confined.  But constantly trolling her moves has put him in an awkward situation, he has fallen in love with her.  Love between a Blood Keeper and a Mage is strictly forbidden.  Love, in any form, is off limits for a Blood Keeper.  Blood Keepers are virgins, married to the Creator so that they may serve only Him and never their primal urges.

All things change...when there is a purpose and Merrick's purpose becomes clear:  he must touch the forbidden fruit that tempts him everyday.  She has wiggled her fingers deep inside his mind and he can't seem to shake her.  He loves her and he acts on that one thought.

Filled with intense longing, Dark Desires is an erotic, romantic fantasy that takes the reader to a whole new world of passion.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Writing and the Holidays

Although the holidays are a time for out-of-the-corner-of-the-eye glimpses of unparalleled joy, the doling out of heartfelt kindness, soul-searching contemplation and subtle blessings that steal your breath like a lover's kiss, they also include more than a few moments of heart-pounding stress, a clock that runs without any knowledge of the mechanics of actual time-keeping, a glance out the window that shows you all the neighbors have completed THEIR decorations, but yours are still snug in various boxes tucked away in the attic, and the unnerving perception that Christmas will be better next year, even before it has arrived.

Little wonder, then, (at least on my part) that my attempts at writing have resulted in a phrase or two representing my manic state, followed by extreme agita and no further writing whatsoever. This blog, in fact, is the most writing I've completed with any success in the past three weeks. For all of my failure at being productive, however, I have found a certain peace this holiday season, and a recognition that there are more important things than...well, than me, and what I want. The world goes on, without the written word of this writer. And in that world have been displays of the joy, the kindness, and the blessings mentioned at the opening of this post. Yes, the world is far from perfect, but there are wonderfully perfect parts of it and I have been privileged to be touched by them this holiday season. I hope you all have as well.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Hi all!

As many of you are aware, I haven't written anything in the past few months due to an irreversible condition that is both wonderful and terrifying--pregnancy.  My libido is non-existent, the exhaustion stifles creativity, the constant pain on my bladder makes me squirm every 15 minutes, and the need to eat biscuits and gravy topped with tomatoes is something fierce and totally weird! LOL  But underneath it all, there is this constant feeling of unconditional love stemming from my unborn child.  When I'm completely calm and quiet (which is rare, trust me) I can feel him/her fluttering and smiling.  Lately, I have been feeling that more and more and my unease is beginning to disappear.  So, as I shot straight up in bed in order to pee for the tenth time in 3 hours, I was smacked with a steady stream of creativity!
In my mind's eye, I wrote the entirety of ALPHA WORSHIP PART 2!  It's going to be bigger, badder, and more intense than the first!  ALPHA WORSHIP PART 2  will include stronger themes of BDSM, spanking, voyeurism, menage, and more icky gore!  Because really, what's a werewolf story without gore? LOL
Part 2 picks up immediately after the first.  We will still be following Stephanie and her constant need to be Beta of the pack.  The Alpha, Tyler, isn't convinced she is powerful enough to be his Second so he puts her through the gauntlet, literally!  Introducing Sten, a potent and strong Enforcer, Part 2 is sure to be more rough.  It will definitely be harder and faster.
Here's where I need your help!  As you know, Tyler is one primal looking man!  He has long dark braided hair, chest hair, arm hair--the man is hairy!  So, how should Sten look?  Should he be the complete opposite or perhaps the same, like a doppelganger?   You tell me!  You can leave comments in this post with your opinions or you can email me your preference:  edameronhill @  (without the spaces).  I would really appreciate all your help!

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Fun!

Next Tuesday -- December 20th, A Very Demon Christmas, Demons Hunters I releases from Loose Id! To celebrate I'm giving away a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card. For a chance to win, mark you calendars to stop by my website: on the 20th leave a comment and you're entered to win!

Spreading the Christmas cheer one book at a time!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Old dog, new tricks.

Mating Net has been around for a while, but I came across this reading of the first chapter performed by Scott Merrill and illustrated by the talented ladies of GoddessFish, and I wondered whether you might enjoy listening to it.

I would have put it on the NCP website, but the .mov file was too large to email.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter Chat and Giveaway

We’ll be holding a winter chat on the NCP Network December 10th at 7PM EST. If you aren't already a member, this is a great time to join us!
There will be prizes given away- including ‘door’ prizes. Prizes will include gift certificates, e-books, discount coupons, and more!
So far, the following authors are committed to joining us:

Skhye Moncrief (Who suggested the chat)
D. X. Luc
Kaitlyn O’Connor
Janet Lane Walters
Nicole Ash
J.J. Massa
Wend Petzler
Mary Eason
Gail Wolfe
Kate Hill
Buffie BeCraft-Woodall
Linda Parsons-Mills
Maggie Anderson
Cynthia Breeding
Kathryn R. Blake
Connie Keenan
Allie Harrison
Myra Nour
Shauna Hart
Angelia Whiting
Joan Early
Jane Toombs
Laura Hunsaker
Wendy Tardieu

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Where does your interest lie?

One of the first things in a child’s life is the sound of music. From Mommy softly humming lullabies to the baby in her womb, to the background noise of the radio. Music is an ingrained part of a person’s life, one most people don’t even think about, because it has always been there.

Because of my heritage, music seems to be a part of my very soul just like writing is what I was meant to do. I can’t help humming along to a soft tone or stay still during a great dance song. A hundred years ago I would have been the first to start the dance around the fire.
So, I took my love of music and added it to two dreams of mine, one which had came true when my work was published and in one dream that hadn’t.

One afternoon I was waiting for my son at an appointment, scribbling in my notebook when someone asked me what I was working on. During the conversation, I was asked why I became a writer and I answered without thinking, startling myself with my own answer.
I was always fascinated by fighter planes, so in high school I talked to an Air Force about joining their branch of the military and becoming a fighter pilot. When the recruiter learned I had asthma, he instantly shot me down.

“I’m sorry. Your lungs wouldn’t be able to withstand the high G’s, so you could never be a pilot.”

When the other parent in the waiting room asked me why I started writing sci-fi type stuff, I simply stated. “If I can’t fly fighter planes, at least I can write about them.” Yeah, it was a shocking revelation to me too.

And that is what I did with my book Talkers. I took mechanics I had learned from family members and my dream of flying and mixed them to make my main female character, Shayle an aviation mechanic. Next, I took my deep love of music and created the sexy young singer with a past, Ritter. Together, they go on tour and create beautiful music neither of them ever expected.

Over the summer I teased my readers with the free read Talkers. If you haven’t read it yet, you still can at- . It was an excerpt from the novel I was currently working on. Finally I have finished my epic novel length story, and the completed Talkers will be out soon. In honor of us being in the publishing process, I’d like to ask each reader a question.

What interest of yours is so important, such a part of you that you would love to read about? Or to some of the other wonderful NCP writers. What special interest have you written about or plan to in the future?

Happy Reading, Debra A. Soles

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New buy button!

This is for all you authors who've been wanting an official NCP buy button for your page. Just copy and use!

Free writing advice

Authors from the online community seem to have the attitude that free advice is worthless and will pay for advice from people who know nothing -or very little- and have no experience- or very little- and disregard tips from published, experienced authors.  However, in the days before the internet it was the published authors in writers’ groups who freely offered writing and marketing tips to the unpublished or recently published and helped them advance their careers. 

This is free advice/writing/marketing tips from a multi-published author who has had around a hundred works published, sold thousands of copies of various titles and, sadly, had many, many thousands of copies of her titles pirated.   As frustrating and downright infuriating as it is to have your work pirated, having nearly a half million copies of one of your stories pirated is proof that that particular book is extremely marketable- but I’ll get to that later.  

The idea, naturally enough, is THE most important step.  As multi-published author Joan Johnston said at one of the conferences/seminars I once attended, a good idea isn’t good enough.  If the idea you come up with isn’t fantastic, fabulous, something to get you so excited you can’t wait to get to work on it, then it probably isn’t worth doing because the chances are that it isn’t going to grab readers.  Marketable is an idea that is so fresh and original and exciting that READERS can’t wait to get their hands on it. 

This part is tricky.  By fresh and original and exciting, I mean a new twist on a theme with a proven track record.  Occasionally- rarely- an author comes up with an idea that’s so fresh and original that it’s untried, and that sort of idea is very iffy.  It may grab readers and it may not.  Safe is to take themes that are timeless classics—Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, sex slave, abduction …. If you’re a big reader, and you should be, then you’re already familiar with the themes that get you excited and, if you’ve done your homework, you’ve seen that these have such a huge appeal that they tend to shoot to the top of the bestselling lists over and over.  Your writing ‘voice’ will give it freshness, but don’t rely too heavily on that.  You need to come up with new twists that make it more original and exciting and yet remain within the confines of what readers go for. 

Author Dean Koontz said that a professional writer is someone who writes what the market is looking for.  He’s written books in almost every genre and keeps a careful watch on the market.  Rather than sticking to his favorite genre in the face of certain failure, he writes what will sell or is selling—and then returns to his favorite when the market opens up.  In other words, if vampires are ‘out’ this year, you might want to shelve that vampire book you just wrote, wait for a better time to release it, and focus on the ‘flavor of the month’—what is selling?  Any author who wants to be successful needs to watch the market and see what is selling—and act accordingly.  It’s easier than ever for authors to track the trends. 

In the days before the booming internet market and ebooks, the process from writing to publication often took years and that made it hard for authors to keep track of the pulse of the market.  Typically, an author would take months writing a book, months or years to sell the book, and then sit back and wait another year to two before the book hit the market.  The print books hit the stores, had one month to sell, and then any unsold copies ended in the dumpster when the next month’s releases hit the shelves. 

Now, with the internet and ebook publication, an author can usually see their work in publication within six months of contracting on the work and it will stay long enough to make as many sales as it can make.  However, here’s a hard fact—a book that doesn’t ‘take off’ straight out of release isn’t going to.  Persistent marketing can result in a reasonable return over time, but the story either grabs hold of readers or it doesn’t.  If it doesn’t, you’re stuck with a long drawn out search for a handful of sales that will take years to amount to anything even close to a reasonable return for your effort.  I’m not suggesting you throw up your hands and give up on that poor, lonely child.  You put a lot of hard work into it and it’s worth the struggle to get a few more sales each month, but you need to accept that there is something ‘lacking’ there.  Somehow you failed to produce a marketable book and a new cover, new title—new everything isn’t going to make it marketable. 
* * * *
Next step—you’ve come up with a red hot story idea that you know in your bones is going to shoot to the top of the bestselling list and stay there.  Where do you start? 

This is AS critical as the story idea you just came up with.  Writers inexperienced in writing professional grade pieces seem to be convinced that they MUST throw in all of their background before they/the reader can get in to the story.  They worked HARD on their character profiles and background. 

BIG mistake!  In fact, the worst mistake a writer can make.  You have to grab your reader’s attention immediately—preferably INSTANTLY.  The first line, the first paragraph, the first page is where you grab your reader.  OK, that’s old school.  The chances are that, the way readers have become conditioned to instant gratification, if you haven’t grabbed them by the end of the first paragraph, you’ve lost them and if you do that, you’ve lost the sale. 

So as anxious as you may be to jump right into the story, now’s the time to plot.  The place to begin the story is in the middle of the action.  Don’t waste time setting it up.  Jump in.  What event is the catalyst for the story?  The abduction?  The murder?  The first shot of the war?  A chance encounter? 

Whatever that event is, THAT is where you start.  ‘Once upon a time’ doesn’t get it anymore.  Try to think of a first line that will grab the reader’s attention and tell them immediately that ‘things’ are happening and they’re in for a hell of a ride. 

The body lying in the ravine looked like a twisted puppet that a careless child had tossed away.  The fall hadn’t done that—couldn’t have.  It hadn’t been there long.  A wave of horror washed over Jane as that realization sank in and the fine hairs on the back of her neck prickled.  She screamed as a hand seemingly came out of nowhere and clamped down on her arm.  She hadn’t heard anyone approach.  She’d been too focused on trying to figure out what it was in the ravine and why there was something familiar about it.

Your reader instantly knows that this is a suspense/mystery/ or thriller, a murder has occurred, and the heroine may be in danger.  Questions should immediately fill their mind so that they want to keep reading and find out what happened and will happen. 

The fog parted, revealing a dark figure limned by the light of the full moon.  Caroline’s pulse leapt in her veins.  Her throat closed around an unvoiced scream.  Her skin prickled with a sense of danger.  Despite the shadows cloaking the figure, she could see it was a man—a very large man.  Somewhere in the distance, a dog bayed.  The long, lonely cry was taken up by another and then another until Caroline had the sense that it wasn’t dogs baying at all, but wolves, and she was surrounded.

Something like this could set the stage for a vampire or werewolf tale.  Is this the heroine’s first encounter with the hero?  Or will the hero suddenly appear and rescue her, because she’s clearly in some sort of danger?

Polly had watched the glowing light come closer and closer, convinced, at first, that it was a falling star.  By the time she realized there was nothing at all natural about the phenomenon it was too late to run. Frozen to the spot, unable to think of escape let alone figure out how to achieve it, she stared in disbelief at the alien craft as it settled heavily, but soundlessly, in front of her, waiting breathlessly for the thing to open. 

Again, you don’t have to guess what kind of story this is going to be.  You’ve introduced the heroine and the ‘event’ that kicks off the story.  You’ve established conflict immediately—this is an alien and what the hell is he doing here?  You’ve got the suggestion that this might be an abduction scenario. 

The objective is to pack as much of a wallop into that first scene as you possibly can, establish enough questions in the reader’s mind/curiosity about what will happen next as you can, and try to keep them racing toward the finish thereafter.  The first line, paragraph, page, and/or scene is your hook.  The sooner you hook them, the more likely you are to get a sale—so shoot for the first line or paragraph. 
* * * *
You’ve, hopefully, roped your reader into the book with your first scene.  What’s next?  Time to pour all that background in that you worked so hard on?

Absolutely not!  All that background work won’t go to waste if it never actually appears in the book at all—at least not in the form that you’ve written it.  The background is mostly for you as the writer.  You work out who your characters are and what that history is like so that YOU know what motivates them and how they will react in a given situation.  This is IMPORTANT.  It helps you to know where to go with the story and how to plot your scenes.  For example: Your heroine has a phobia of spiders.  If a spider lands beside her she’s going to scream bloody murder and a: run or b: find something and kill it.  Example two: Your heroine talks ninety miles an hour when she’s nervous.  She has a really close encounter with a man that makes her blood race—She talks like an idiot and the hero thinks she is one.  Your hero lost his entire family and he feels responsible. 

An important thing to note here, I think, is that you should never give your hero or your heroine a background that leaves the reader with a bad taste in their mouth.  They do LOVE to see growth, enjoy reading about people that overcome their flaws, but never make them unredeemable.  If the hero actually did behave like a coward, or was off screwing around while his family was wiped out, your reader is going to FOREVER see him in a bad light. 

Also to be noted: first impressions, even in books, are VERY important.  I read a book by a bestselling author once.  The heroine’s first impression of the hero was that he had a huge red nose.  NOTHING could get that image out of my mind.  Even though the story was really, really good and I eventually fell for the hero—I just couldn’t shake that mental image of a huge red nose. 

Ok—back to the background.  You have to make a decision of just how much of that background is necessary for the reader to understand what’s going on and what your characters’ motivations are.  Once you’ve decided what is critical to the understanding, you feed this information to the reader in nibbles along and along as the opportunity arises.  NEVER stop the story at any point to take your reader down memory lane for paragraphs and paragraphs so that you can feed them the information.  As in real life, use the opportunities presented in the story—dialogue that prompts a memory or an event that prompts a memory.  Drop something significant at that point, keep it short and sweet, and look for another opportunity later to elaborate on it a little more.  NEVER have a memory scene long enough that the reader forgets what’s going on in the here and now!

It is critical to the success of the book that you keep a good pacing of forward motion throughout.  It is equally critical to the success of your story that each and every scene that makes it into your book achieves forward motion—it is working toward completion, deepening the plot, or resolving some part of the conflict.  At the same time, each scene needs to ‘show’ your reader a glimpse of your characters’ personalities in the way they act and interact. 

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Slow Responses

Hi all!

I apologize for not being as fast with responding to your emails, writing blogs, and giving reviews.  I, according to my doctor, am one of the rare and unlucky women who suffer from extreme morning sickness 24/7 during my entire pregnancy term. 
Because I am constantly ill, my work has slowed greatly.  To think, I have 7 months left of this bullshit is enough to drive me insane.
When I do feel well enough to move, I end up doing yoga or walking in order to keep my physical strength in tact.  However, this quickly drains my energy and so I wind up spent for the day and unable to get any other work done. 
Thank you for your patience during this time.  If I don't respond right away, I'm not angry or ignoring you--I'm just really sick.  It takes about a week for me to respond, so please bear with me.

Happy Holidays!

Erin Dameron-Hill

Friday, November 25, 2011


Other news... Book 1: COUGAR NOMINATED?

Book 1: COUGAR is nominated for 2011 Best Erotic Paranormal Romance--Shifter at The Romance Reviews. If you're so inclined, please vote for Jackal & Sierra!


Win an autographed paperback copy of WERESCAPE Book 1: COUGAR this weekend at Outpost #39, i.e. Skhye's Ramblings: Other Worlds & Realities! Chapter 1 and other excerpts are available for your entertainment/consideration.

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A great interview!

I recently did an interview on the blog of Jenn Nixon. I think it turned out pretty well!

My Q & A

Just saying "Hello".

Thank you for inviting me to join this beautiful blog. I look forward to contributing in due course. At the moment, I am rather involved with blogging in support of the Stop Online Piracy Act.

All the best,
Rowena Beaumont Cherry

New Release - Alien Salvation by Tracy St. John

Book 4 in the Clans of Kalquor series.

Lindsey McInness and her parents are barely surviving on post-Armageddon Earth.  When a Kalquorian shuttle crashes nearby, Lindsey has no choice but to offer herself to the clan on board in exchange for food and rescue.

Bacoj, Japohn and Vax are stunned when a young woman presents herself to them for their sexual pleasure.  Kalquorians of their youth and low rank have no expectation of finding the elusive Earther mates Kalquorians covet so highly.  But the strong willed and yet yielding Lindsey seems to be a perfect fit for them … until they learn her secret that threatens to tear the entire clan apart.

Genre:  Futuristic erotica
Rating:  Carnal.  Mild BDSM.  Forced seduction.  Multiple sexual partners.


Bacoj was out of the ship and down the ramp the instant the main hatch opened.  Japohn’s growl followed him, and the brawny Nobek was on his heels in an instant.
            “Bacoj, you wait until I’ve determined we’re clear!”
            The young Kalquorian turned to face his clanmate.  “You’ve been scanning for hostiles for the last thirty minutes.  How much more clear can we be?”
 The massive Japohn stood over him, his blue-purple eyes scanning the windswept beach on one side and the tall buildings on the other.  Long, loose black curls spiraled to his muscular shoulders, left bare by his red-trimmed black formsuit.  Japohn was a behemoth by even Kalquorian standards.  He looked big and clumsy with 300 pounds of bulky muscle, but Bacoj knew his Nobek’s agility was not to be underestimated.  The man was quick and vicious in a fight.  If Bacoj hadn’t been so angry right now, Japohn’s scowl, nearly hidden behind his mustache and goatee, might have given him pause.
Bacoj turned to look their surroundings over.  On the street bordering the beach, abandoned hover craft transports and archaic automobiles on round black wheels dotted the surface on which they had once traveled.  Almost all of them were blackened, burnt hulks of metal and molded plastic.  None of the nuclear explosions that had wiped out most of Earth’s inhabitants had happened here.  The surviving Earthers had obviously turned on each other in an orgy of destruction.
            Japohn’s sharp eyes looked over everything, suspecting every piece of the landscape of harboring enemies.  “We may be under observation from a distance.  Let me do my job of protecting you.”
            Nobeks were the clan defenders, and Japohn was taking his position very seriously.  Too seriously, in Bacoj’s opinion.  He twitched, shaking off Japohn’s heavy hand on his shoulder.  “I’m already outside.  I need to check the engine to see how much damage was done.”
            He strode over the rippled skin of sand, hearing the soft grind of his knee-high boots against the grainy surface.  He restrained a groan at the damage to the underside of their shuttle.  It looked like Japohn had used it for a punching bag.  He opened the engine compartment, wincing in expectation.  “We took a direct hit from that magnetic surge.  It can’t be good news.”
Japohn ran his hand over the hull.  “The whole skin is crumpled.  It’s my fault.  We should have taken the long way and avoided the portal like you wanted.”
Yes we should have, Japohn.  But we always have to do things your way, don’t we?  Bacoj bit back the angry words.  His clanmate sounded sincerely upset with himself, especially since their other clanmate Vax had been hurt in the crash.  And who was really at fault?  He knew who his superiors would blame.

For another excerpt and purchase information, click here.