Thursday, December 1, 2011

Where does your interest lie?

One of the first things in a child’s life is the sound of music. From Mommy softly humming lullabies to the baby in her womb, to the background noise of the radio. Music is an ingrained part of a person’s life, one most people don’t even think about, because it has always been there.

Because of my heritage, music seems to be a part of my very soul just like writing is what I was meant to do. I can’t help humming along to a soft tone or stay still during a great dance song. A hundred years ago I would have been the first to start the dance around the fire.
So, I took my love of music and added it to two dreams of mine, one which had came true when my work was published and in one dream that hadn’t.

One afternoon I was waiting for my son at an appointment, scribbling in my notebook when someone asked me what I was working on. During the conversation, I was asked why I became a writer and I answered without thinking, startling myself with my own answer.
I was always fascinated by fighter planes, so in high school I talked to an Air Force about joining their branch of the military and becoming a fighter pilot. When the recruiter learned I had asthma, he instantly shot me down.

“I’m sorry. Your lungs wouldn’t be able to withstand the high G’s, so you could never be a pilot.”

When the other parent in the waiting room asked me why I started writing sci-fi type stuff, I simply stated. “If I can’t fly fighter planes, at least I can write about them.” Yeah, it was a shocking revelation to me too.

And that is what I did with my book Talkers. I took mechanics I had learned from family members and my dream of flying and mixed them to make my main female character, Shayle an aviation mechanic. Next, I took my deep love of music and created the sexy young singer with a past, Ritter. Together, they go on tour and create beautiful music neither of them ever expected.

Over the summer I teased my readers with the free read Talkers. If you haven’t read it yet, you still can at- . It was an excerpt from the novel I was currently working on. Finally I have finished my epic novel length story, and the completed Talkers will be out soon. In honor of us being in the publishing process, I’d like to ask each reader a question.

What interest of yours is so important, such a part of you that you would love to read about? Or to some of the other wonderful NCP writers. What special interest have you written about or plan to in the future?

Happy Reading, Debra A. Soles

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