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Cyborgs, Aliens, Psychics, the most dangerous prison in the universe, & one earth woman who must turn the genetic tables for a race harvesting mates throughout the known universe.

"One seriously-talented author!" ~PearlG

Bring-‘em-back-alive was Theone’s job description back on Earth. Now off-world, beauty, sex appeal, brains, and lots of martial arts training make her the weapon of choice. She’s heading into the deadliest compound of political prisoners in the universe on a last-ditch effort to liberate an alien king. She understands sex is merely a tool she can use to achieve her objective. Around every prison corner lurks some alien male with seduction on his mind. Friend or foe, cyborg or not, forbidden love or indescribable lust, the prison walls must come down as she submits to whatever it takes to survive the Blood Wars’ FERAL FALLOUT.

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"Genius just Genius, this is the only thing I can say, and, boy, send in the !Dakos. Girl, lets talk about augmentations--penis? 3 modes??? hahahaha " ~Maria Atkinson, at the NCP Chat room

"TA DA! 5 Stars! and much deserved! After FERAL FEVER my expectations were pretty high. I was hoping it would be another winner but we never know if the author would be as inspired. I am glad to say that Skhye Moncrief was VERY inspired!" Must Read~Mary P, Mary's Naughty Whispers

M’yote extended one hand, glowing as bright as a white sun, toward the furry Drod who had turned to look at Solvun. The hand hit the creature’s back. The creature flinched, tossing her face toward the greenish sky, and collapsed into a puddle on the ground at M’yote’s feet.
“What did he do?” I demanded of Solvun.

“He’s a Handler. He can turn any mass into what he wants. Even organic matter. He put her to sleep.” He shot me a wink. “My little brother dislikes harming the innocent.”

Who does?

Not a sound could be heard above the hush of the strong breeze as if everyone was in awe of M’yote’s power.

“That’s his psychic power?” I asked.

“He’s a telepath. He’s just lucky he was the one born in a billion to harness the power of the elementals.”

I must have looked as awestruck as M’yote did when I tumbled my way across the arena. But my acrobatics held nothing to his powers capable of moving mountains. Probably planets. And some healer back among the cadets was a Handler too? I’d probably never know given my current predicament.

M’yote strode to my side, never even letting on I’d noticed he’d done something extraordinary, and thrust the knife in his boot shaft.

What an amazing being.

The big asinine !Dako who had been brawling with Flonn immediately disarmed my blue friend.
M’yote flicked me a weak smile. “I think they’ll allow me to live after that display of power.”

Who’d want to risk M’yote fighting for the enemy? But my commander did. So, what did M’yote mean?

The big cyborg who'd already had his way with me, Flonn, claimed a spot to tower before me. “I’m sorry, hu’vria, but I must step down as your mate. I have been commanded to concede my claim.” His country-boy face didn’t brighten and dimple.

I felt kind of bad for him. And me! Why? Probably because of his little introduction to !Dako sex. Poor guy. “Thank you for taking care of me.” Hell, he had every intention of doing so too.

Flonn knocked into the ugly !Dako’s shoulder in passing and kept angling toward the wall where he leapt onto the edge and disappeared into the crowd.

Something told me I hadn’t seen the last of him. Intuition was kind of nice in that respect.

Adult Excerpt:
“Put her down,” M’yote yelled. “You’ll injure her.”

The big cyborg holding me over his head belly-laughed, deeply.

Disturbingly. A demented sound, setting off my intuitive radar. What did that ominous sound foretell?

Everything shifted in another round of burning pain until I hung facing the courtyard and the black boots of the man who’d be choking me except for the v-cut neckline of my leather shirt. “Is that better for your frail female?” the cretin asked.

No. Not better. My skin ripped where he grabbed it with my hair and shirt.

“Are you in pain, Theone?” M’yote demanded.

“No.” I wouldn’t give the bastard holding me the luxury of knowing.

“Then maybe I’ll claim her,” the !Dako yelled.


I swung again, down onto my hands and knees, where a force rammed up against my ass. The bite at the back of my neck intensified as more stinging pressure drew my head back.

M’yote and Solvun stared at me.

Or the sight. Wide-eyed.

The pressure at my ass quickly registered as a hard-on.

Big. Deadly by the vehemence in its owner’s attitude. I searched M’yote’s blue eyes for something. Anything to work with.

Come on, commander. Just how should I proceed?

“Slow down, Notk. Don’t do anything foolish,” M’yote warned, he gingerly tugged his glove off his hand.

Was he going to protect me? It’s about freaking time.

“Oh,” Notk groaned while grinding the steel shaft in his pants against my hips. “I see why Flonn wanted your female. But I’ll do one better. I’ll gift her a little gift by making her stronger with a modification. Just give me a moment.” He shoved my ass again. “And her spinal column will be fully augmented.”

Talk about demented-cyborg talk! I glared a get-this-bastard-off-my-ass look at M’yote.

King Solvun ran his tongue across his teeth beneath his upper lip in a typical male why-do-you-have-to-drag-me-into-this gesture.

No matter where you go in the universe, the male mind always operates the same. Talk about a scientific observation.

Sex Scene:
Keep it together, Theo. Don’t just throw yourself at Flonn again. Get information. The royals are counting on you. They’re just as much your mates as this !Dakos warrior. Draw the line of sanity now.

But the more steps Flonn’s big black boots snapped toward me in his blue personal quarters, the more I knew keeping any sane thoughts on anything other than removing his bulging silver pants was going to be my biggest challenge in surviving to perform my duty. Flonn could easily prevent me from having a single thought of my own beyond mating with him. But all lay in how one defined success. Maybe keeping him content would prove equally successful?

He snatched me up to peer into my eyes with so much hunger my womb ached.

For him. There goes my traitorous thoughts.

My arms reached out.

Traitorous actions. Or not? For the perfect male form. Warrior. Muscles. Wanting me. And all plotting of an escape faded into our fervent frenzy of massaging skin.


Where had my clothes gone?

Leave it to the cyborg to uncloak me in the blink of an eye. Or haze of the moment.

His steely body worked like a blanket. Warming. Placating. Caressing me.

I so needed him inside me.


And then I was, skin to magnificent skin, straddling his lap as he sat on the edge of his big ole’ bed and lowered me carefully onto his brutally swollen cock with two massive hands pinching my ass so wonderfully in his measured efforts that all I could do was close my eyes and savor every delicious moment of his kiss and...

Inch by glorious thick inch of his shaft.

Ribeye and loaded baked potato still forcing all my taste buds into overdrive.

His groans were just the icing on the cake.


Mated to a !Dakos warrior had to be one of the Seven Wonders of the universe. I’d managed to marvel at most of the ones back on Earth on vacation. But who would have guessed some genetically-tweaked civilization out bobbing in the great ebb and flow of the universe could steal away every corpuscle of awe I’d experienced in one lifetime just with sex?

Umm. Throb. Wedge. Slide. Heaven existed somewhere between head and root. I just found myself too overwhelmed to pinpoint the location. Maybe I focused too much on piloting and needed to work a little on my navigational skills now?

His magical mouth went to work on my neck, collarbone, and lips.

Gods! He was everywhere. Hot. Moist. Zingy from the coarsely-ground pepper of steak seasoning. All I could do was hang onto his amazing musculature. Try to suck in a deep breath. And wait out the building pressure in my core.


Yes. Wait.

The end was coming.

He invaded every atom of my being with his little penetrating vibes that riddled my cells with microscopic quakes. Growing with every thrust of his conquest tactics to numb my mind. To make me a moaning, groaning, yelping bag of nerve endings. As he impaled me.

Yes. Impale me.

I think he liked doing it to me.

Yes. Not a chore. More his pleasure. Better be. Because I was about to freaking implode. Right into the hole at the tip of his thick rod. Sucked into him, never to escape. Captured. Conquered. Kept.

And I think that was his intention. I gulped for breath because someone needed to tell him to hurry.

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  1. Already bought it and in the middle of reading it. =) Very good story.