Monday, December 26, 2011

Writing and the Holidays

Although the holidays are a time for out-of-the-corner-of-the-eye glimpses of unparalleled joy, the doling out of heartfelt kindness, soul-searching contemplation and subtle blessings that steal your breath like a lover's kiss, they also include more than a few moments of heart-pounding stress, a clock that runs without any knowledge of the mechanics of actual time-keeping, a glance out the window that shows you all the neighbors have completed THEIR decorations, but yours are still snug in various boxes tucked away in the attic, and the unnerving perception that Christmas will be better next year, even before it has arrived.

Little wonder, then, (at least on my part) that my attempts at writing have resulted in a phrase or two representing my manic state, followed by extreme agita and no further writing whatsoever. This blog, in fact, is the most writing I've completed with any success in the past three weeks. For all of my failure at being productive, however, I have found a certain peace this holiday season, and a recognition that there are more important things than...well, than me, and what I want. The world goes on, without the written word of this writer. And in that world have been displays of the joy, the kindness, and the blessings mentioned at the opening of this post. Yes, the world is far from perfect, but there are wonderfully perfect parts of it and I have been privileged to be touched by them this holiday season. I hope you all have as well.

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