Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shopping Showdown

Free Story by Buffi Becraft

Shopping Showdown

The furry jerk was in the house somewhere. Diana Ridley knew it. A combination of her empathic abilities and the new metaphysical connection she now possessed, gave her a lot of insight to the local werewolf pack. That and the scent of coffee she had not brewed wafted from the kitchen.
Besides, where else would a werewolf pack hang out, but at her house? Never mind that they hated to be referred to as werewolves. They were wolven, more powerful and among and socially superior to their were-cousins. At least, that was Adam Weis’s stand on the matter. Furry elitist jerk.
Diana stormed down the hallway leading to the kitchen. Her bare feet slapped against the hardwood floor, announcing her entry and her churning emotions. Her scent probably preceded her. By whatever means, the three men, muscled prime beefcake material were forwarned and watched her entrance in various states of wariness. Ha! She thought. They should be more than wary. Letting themselves into her house. Sucking down her good mail-order coffee.
Diana ignored the golden blond god and the African-American version of Adonis and slapped the crumbled letter in front of the alpha leader of the pack, the Canis Pater, Adam Weis. A sexy dimple emerged with his killer smile and Adam held out a mug. His pale blue, husky colored eyes met hers with a special warmth reserved especially for her. Her fingers itched to touch the white blond strands of hair that escaped the tie at the back of his neck and fell across a high cheekbone. Oooo. He was good and he knew it. The man was sexy. Diana tried unsuccessfully to smother the heat that unfurled in her belly. She narrowed her gaze and met his without flinching.
“Coffee, my sweet?”
“Don’t try to butter me up.” Adam grinned at her comeback, full of suggestion. Amusement danced in his eyes. She knew exactly where his male, one track mind was heading and headed him off before he tried to weasel his way out of this mess. “I mean it buster. You knew everyone thought we’d done that mate thing.” 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Feature Books Posted on NCP

Gabby hadn’t intended the deception as anything more than a self-protection—she hadn’t lied. She simply hadn’t admitted she was widowed, but as she was lured deeper and deeper into CMSgt. Erik Coledane’s long range seduction, she began to realize she’d made a fatal mistake that could tear her world apart.
Length: Mid-Novel
Genre: Contemporary Erotica
Rating: Erotica. Ménage. Cybersex. Phone Sex. Mild BDSM.

Chancellor Vi Burceau is putting not only Commander Eshana Vi Dacro’s world at risk but also her mother’s homeworld of Crete who is under the protection of the water planet Dakamar. Eshana is suspicious of the Chancellor’s motives and enlists the help of Commander Alexander Vi Dakar of Dakamar. Only his idea of an alliance is not quite what she had in mind.

Length: Novella
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Rating: Sensual

It was forbidden to fraternize with 'guests' beyond the club, The Tiger's Eye, and yet from the moment she discovers the dark stranger leaning against her car, Caitlyn is drawn to him so powerfully she can't make herself run from the danger she senses in him.

Length: Short Story
Genre: Paranormal Erotica
Rating: Erotica/Spicy

Friday, January 20, 2012

Readers rule

Readers really do rule!

Whether you read on Kindle, Nook, Sony, or even dead tree books :shocked: if you enjoyed the title you just read, please take a moment and leave a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Goodreads. Here's a whole article on why reviews have so much power and how to leave one without giving yourself a headache.

In this brave new world of publishing, readers rule more than ever. Go review something.

How seriously do you take reader reviews?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm on Twitter!

I know, I know---I'm so far behind the times! LOL  But I'm finally on Twitter!  Follow me @ErinDameronHill to get the latest updates!  If you're on Twitter, let me know!  I would love to follow you as well!  Keeping in touch with friends and readers is very important to me!


Erin Dameron-Hill

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Songs of the Sirens: Seduction by Piper Rowan!

Hello Everyone!

I'm thrilled to say that New Concepts Publishing has contracted Songs of the Sirens: Seduction, Book I in my erotic futuristic fantasy series.  The sirens in my series are a bit different from the sirens in mythology.  I had so much fun writing the first book and I am hard at work on the second in the series, tentatively titled Surrender. I'd also like to thank Tiffany for everything she's done!

Here is the blurb for Songs of the Sirens: Seduction along with a short excerpt!

A siren, two kings, two princes, and a slave....


For Serena Rivers, being a siren always seemed like a curse—until she was finally ready to indulge her sexual cravings. But will the five men she lusts over be able to handle it when she finally unleashes her powers and becomes a goddess of seduction, or will she be unable to bring peace to the planet of Sindara and its warring countries? 

Serena inhaled the sweet air, fragrant with the native flowers and the scent of the sea.  A deep longing stirred within her and her eyes as if being commanded by another force, settled on the softly lapping waves that rolled against the beach.  She started when she saw movement out in the dark depths.  For one split second, she thought she’d seen a human head bobbing out of the water.
The moonlight sparkling against the water put her soul at ease.  She could easily swim in that water, despite the risk involved, it sang to her.  Folding her arms tightly across her chest, she shivered, as deep melancholy washed over her.
She gradually became drowsy enough that she had to leave the balcony.  Zander had taken his leave without a word to her, and in a way, she didn’t care.  She walked to the door and tested the handle.  Not surprisingly, it was locked.  Shrugging her shoulders, she walked back over to the bed, and collapsed wearily upon it.  She shouldn’t feel this lethargic not after the night of ecstasy she’d had, but dreamland beckoned to her, and she went without a struggle.
“Serena,” her name was softly whispered by a man whose voice she didn’t recognize.  She smiled and rolled over in the bed.  That same man touched her on the arm, and his light touch made her shiver with delight.  She slowly opened her eyes.  In the darkened room, she barely made out his silhouette next to the bed.  He was larger than both Chiron and Zander, and from the moonlight spilling into the room from the open balcony she could see that he had blue-black hair.  His eyes captivated her; they were the color of the sea and sparkled like diamonds.  In a way they had the same effervescent life her eyes possessed.  “Come with me, my water princess,” he said softly, his melodiously deep voice lulling her into submission.  She sat up, and tossed the sheets off her body.  Still wearing the robe, she put her feet on the floor, and gripped the strong large hand he offered to her.  It felt cold and also a bit wet.  Still believing it was a dream, she followed him to the balcony.  He levitated them up into the air, and together they rode the wind out to sea.  As the sea spritzed up onto her face, she became fully alert.  Her eyes opened wide, and she struggled to pull away from the man of the sea. 
He walked into the waves, and pulled her behind him.  “No, you don’t understand,” she said desperately, fear slicing through her heart, “my kind doesn’t live under the sea!  I’m not a mermaid!”  Her fierce protestations were cut off as he pulled her beneath the depths, and she lost consciousness.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Check out this hot new ebook

Their love affair was forbidden, but nothing was going to stop Jay Hamilton from having the woman of his dreams. He has plans for Laura Bradford, and they don’t just include a photo shoot. He’d been lusting over her from a distance—and after saving her from her latest embarrassing predicament, he fully intends to collect on the debt she owes him.

Length: Short Story
Genre: Contemporary Interracial Erotica
Rating: Erotica

Last Chance

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Monday, January 9, 2012

ALPHA WORSHIP PART 2--A man has been made!

Hi all!

I hope everyone enjoyed their winter holidays!

Last month, I asked for opinions relating to Sten from ALPHA WORSHIP PART 2 and I appreciate all the comments.  But the majority has spoken--

Sten will be a doppelganger with less hair (LOL Nay Nay) and plenty of tattoos!

So, again, thank you all for your input!   And because I'm shameless, don't forget to read ALPHA WORSHIP PART 1 available from New Concepts Publishing.  http://newconceptspublishing.com/erin-dameron-hill/alpha-worship/

If you still can't get enough werewolf action, EDGE OF REALITY: HOOD has just been released!

Edge of Reality: Hood 

In EDGE OF REALITY: HOOD, Jane finds herself face to face with a big, bad wolf who yearns to devour her!  Her husband, Axe Huntsman, tells her to be wary of wolves but Jane is tempted by the erotic devil she meets in the woods and she can't help but to fall prey to his delicious body!  But can Jane find her way back home before the wolf literally eats her alive?


Erin Dameron-Hill

Friday, January 6, 2012

Tracy St. John's Netherworld: Drop Dead Sexy Now Available

Escort Brandilynn Payson is shocked to discover she’s dead.  Even worse, she’s the latest victim of the Fulton Falls Ripper, a vampire serial killer.  Being deceased is no obstacle for fun however, and Brandilynn quickly proves she’s the life of the after-death party.  But her killer is still on her trail, and she learns there are worse things than death to worry about.

RATING: Carnal/Erotica.  Mild BDSM, multiple sexual partners. 
Genre: Paranormal Romance. 


"Damn – darn it Brandilynn, I’m not one to be sitting in judgment over you.  I’m just trying to figure out what makes you tick.”
And there it was, the cocktail that turns me giddy every time.  Concern mixed liberally with strength.  Dang him. 
I sighed, knowing I’d lost this battle.  I adjusted his collar and smoothed his rumpled hair.  “I can tell you a sad story about how my parents wouldn’t let me live my own life until I’d do anything to escape them.  How they withheld love when I didn’t do things their way.  I can put on my pathetic face and cry over the fiancée who broke off our engagement as soon as I let him in my pants.  No doubt those issues had a hand in making me who I am, but let’s be honest shall we?  After all, I’m dead and there’s no point in lying about my life.”
Dan eased his grip on my shoulders and rubbed up and down my arms.  His voice a soft rumble, he said, “There’s nothing wrong with honesty.”
I smiled, unable to help myself.  Dan was just too yummy to stay mad at.  “Fine then.  First thing.  I don’t trust men, not enough to hitch my cart up to one for a long period of time.  I got burned bad, and I can’t make myself feel better about it.  Second point; I love sex.  Especially kinky sex.  It feels good with the right guy and I’m not going to apologize for wanting to do it or making a few bucks doing what I enjoy.”
Dan nodded.  He didn’t look disgusted.  He was dealing with the worst of me.  Gold stars for him.  “Third point?”
“I don’t like cussing because the world’s ugly enough without unnecessary vulgarity.  Pussy and cock are fine when we’re in the bedroom, but the rest is just plain unattractive talk.”  When he opened his mouth, I pointed a finger in warning.  “I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense to you.  It makes sense to me.”
“Fair enough,” he drawled.  No humor marred his expression.  He took me seriously.  More stars.  “Fourth?”
“I like watching people who put on a show.  I like putting on a show myself.  What I don’t like is seeing what should be private business, especially when it’s creepy vampire business.”
There.  I had answered everything he asked.  It was up to him to decide what to do with it.
            Dan took his time doing that, still rubbing my bare arms with his big, strong, calloused hands.  Jeez, I loved the feeling of his hands on me.  Despite my best efforts, I was falling into sensual stupidity, wanting to discard my dress and bare every inch to that rough touch.