Monday, November 28, 2011

Slow Responses

Hi all!

I apologize for not being as fast with responding to your emails, writing blogs, and giving reviews.  I, according to my doctor, am one of the rare and unlucky women who suffer from extreme morning sickness 24/7 during my entire pregnancy term. 
Because I am constantly ill, my work has slowed greatly.  To think, I have 7 months left of this bullshit is enough to drive me insane.
When I do feel well enough to move, I end up doing yoga or walking in order to keep my physical strength in tact.  However, this quickly drains my energy and so I wind up spent for the day and unable to get any other work done. 
Thank you for your patience during this time.  If I don't respond right away, I'm not angry or ignoring you--I'm just really sick.  It takes about a week for me to respond, so please bear with me.

Happy Holidays!

Erin Dameron-Hill


  1. Hello, I hope you're feeling better soon. All the best with your pregnancy! ;-)

  2. Oh no! I really hope you feel better, and fast.

  3. Sorry, Erin! My equillibrium was off my 1st trimester. It made me feel disoriented and almost like I had vertigo. The culprit--mild lactose intolerance bumped up to lactose-the-poison. After that, potatoes. I still can't eat them. OMG! Pregnancy is the craziest thing. My friend couldn't be around cooking meat. And all my friends/relatives who had boys and girls say the boys made them deathly ill but the girls were no problem.'s a boy! We can test that theory. ;)

    I hope you find a happy balance soon. I could only sleep 4 hours a night during my pregnancy. That I wish on no one! Take care.