Friday, December 16, 2011


Hi all!

As many of you are aware, I haven't written anything in the past few months due to an irreversible condition that is both wonderful and terrifying--pregnancy.  My libido is non-existent, the exhaustion stifles creativity, the constant pain on my bladder makes me squirm every 15 minutes, and the need to eat biscuits and gravy topped with tomatoes is something fierce and totally weird! LOL  But underneath it all, there is this constant feeling of unconditional love stemming from my unborn child.  When I'm completely calm and quiet (which is rare, trust me) I can feel him/her fluttering and smiling.  Lately, I have been feeling that more and more and my unease is beginning to disappear.  So, as I shot straight up in bed in order to pee for the tenth time in 3 hours, I was smacked with a steady stream of creativity!
In my mind's eye, I wrote the entirety of ALPHA WORSHIP PART 2!  It's going to be bigger, badder, and more intense than the first!  ALPHA WORSHIP PART 2  will include stronger themes of BDSM, spanking, voyeurism, menage, and more icky gore!  Because really, what's a werewolf story without gore? LOL
Part 2 picks up immediately after the first.  We will still be following Stephanie and her constant need to be Beta of the pack.  The Alpha, Tyler, isn't convinced she is powerful enough to be his Second so he puts her through the gauntlet, literally!  Introducing Sten, a potent and strong Enforcer, Part 2 is sure to be more rough.  It will definitely be harder and faster.
Here's where I need your help!  As you know, Tyler is one primal looking man!  He has long dark braided hair, chest hair, arm hair--the man is hairy!  So, how should Sten look?  Should he be the complete opposite or perhaps the same, like a doppelganger?   You tell me!  You can leave comments in this post with your opinions or you can email me your preference:  edameronhill @  (without the spaces).  I would really appreciate all your help!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Wow, Erin. First of all congratulations on both the baby and the writing. For your question, I would think you'd want Sten to be significantly different from Tyler. Not opposites exactly, but perhaps not quite as hairy, yet leaner and harder. Since you've got a menage going on, Stephanie should be attracted to Sten for other reasons than she is attracted to Tyler. Sten should give or offer her something that Tyler doesn't. Two heroes, one heroine. Right? JMHO