Thursday, December 29, 2011


It's not everyday that I tell a fib, but I told one!  I didn't realize it would only take Amazon 5 hours to publish Dark Desires!  That's crazy fast!  But it's also very good news!  It's available now for only .99 cents!  Woot!

I love NCP, but I write fast and I needed to get my tales out there to you!  After all, I don't write for anyone else but you!

Dark Desires 


Julia moaned softly as a deep breath escaped her delicate lips.  Merrick’s eyes returned to their usual place, watching her.  He watched her chest rise and fall with each tender inhale.  He watched her pulse push against her skin like a butterfly desperately wanting to escape a net.  Her fingers twitched as a small hint of restored magic began to seep from the tips.  The blue smoke that was her calling card was making an appearance.  It began as a shadow, a whisper of former glory and then it just disappeared.  Her hand closed into a fist and she continued to sleep.
Merrick hadn’t released his hold on her.  He kept her close, close to the cold armor that protected him from her.  Sometimes he thought he understood what it would be like to be a prisoner because his armor kept him caged.  He wondered if those on the outside ever took for granted the tender touch from a lover or just a touch in general.
His gaze fell onto her black locks that flowed over the bright white pillow and he sighed.  He adored her hair and when she pulled it behind her neck earlier, he had almost lost control.  He knew that whenever she revealed her long, lean neck, he would go crazy.  He wanted to kiss her where her neck met her collar bone in that small triangular area.  It called to him.
He took another deep breath as he watched her like he had done so many times before.   She swallowed and he watched her muscles slide down her neck rolling as if something otherworldly remained hidden just under the surface.  It was then that he released her from his tight hold and ignored every teaching and every rule that had been pounded into his mind since childhood.
Merrick slid off his gray iron gauntlet and laid it gently on the floor.  He pulled off the brown leather glove that kept the metal from his skin.  For a moment, he merely relished in the freedom of air touching his skin during waking hours but that moment disappeared in a flash as his fingers danced toward Julia’s hair. 
He had to touch her.  If no one saw him, then he wasn’t really breaking any rules.  After all, it was only a touch.  Nothing more.  He needed to know how silky her hair truly was, how smooth her skin was, and what it would be like to feel close with someone.

I hope you enjoy the back story on Merrick and Julia.  You will see them again in the third/fourth installment of Dior entitled, Dior: Dreamscape and Dior: Spawn.


Erin Dameron-Hill

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