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Tracy St. John's Netherworld II: Blood Potion No. 9 Now Available!

Pick it up from Smashwords or New Concepts Publishing!

Dead escort Brandilynn Payson goes undercover with a shape shifting motorcycle gang: Beauty, meet the Beasts.

Brandilynn has more or less settled into her ghostly existence after dying. She's getting a little bored with the afterlife, so when vampire boyfriend Tristan Keith sends her on an assignment to spy on the shape shifting motorcycle gang The Beasts, she's raring to go. She finds more than she bargained for....

A plot to kill vampires and humans alike by the murderous leaders of the gang, not to mention a sexy werewolf undercover agent that shakes up her already crowded relationships with Tristan and ghost boyfriend Dan Saling. Juggling three paranormal hunks and racing to prevent genocide is a tough job, and Brandilynn handles it with characteristic good intentions. It's just too bad that good deeds don't always go the way she planned.

Drop Dead SexyLength: Mid-Novel
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: Carnal/Erotica. Mild BDSM, Multiple Sex Partners

Sequel to Netherworld:  Drop Dead Sexy

I was out of time.  The other Beasts mounted their motorcycles and they roared to life.  I ran over to the closest one and grabbed on.  The power flowed into my body, and the bike shut down.
Another biker, his bear aspect making him a shaggy creature, laughed at my hapless victim.  “Problems, bro?”  He kept laughing until I killed his bike too.
The world around me was coming into hypersharp focus.  I was getting high off the excess power I was drawing, and there were close to thirty motorcycles to disable.  My body tingling in reaction, I hit a third.
As it sputtered, its werehog rider banged a frustrated cloven fist on the gas tank.  “What the hell?  Someone been messing with our bikes?”
I shut him down, and it felt like every hair on my body stood at attention.  My eyes felt wide enough to fall out of my head.  The werehog, bigger and not as butt ugly as C.K. (but certainly not pretty), sat on his dead machine and stared at me.
He shouted to the rest, “Holy shit, look at the ghost bitch!  She’s fucking with us!”
Bitch indeed.  That was no way to talk to a lady.
Now that they knew what the problem was, the other bikers, the ones with the still-running engines, were starting to pull out.  They’d be out of the gate within seconds, chasing after C.K. 
The gate.  Aha!
The hog was cussing me.  “You hateful crotch!  No one screws with my bike!”
I grinned at him, energy snapping through me.  “You can see me?  Well check this out.” 
I flipped him and his two buddies off.  Now cussing is for the illbred and I acknowledge waving the middle finger around is a form of cussing, but some things just have to be said.
Leaving them with their mouths hanging open, I zapped off and materialized at the little box that required a passcode to get into the storage space.  The power box was right there too.  The other Beasts were approaching the closed gate and would trip it open at any moment.  Pulling the energy coursing through me into both hands, I reached into the two metallic boxes.  Then I let enough power back into my fingers to dig at wires and circuitry.  No, I had a better idea.  I fed them some of the energy that was making me dance in place like I needed to find the ladies room toot-sweet.  There was a spark, and a sizzle, and a bit of smoke.  I caught a backwash of power and nearly backflipped with exuberant energy.  Woohoo!
The blatting motorcycles drew to a stop on the other side of the now nonfunctioning gate.  I did a crazy little victory dance for the benefit of the staring and trapped shifters.  Oh sure, they could climb over the gate, but their bikes couldn’t.  Game, set, and match to Brandilynn. 
I laughed and stuck my tongue out of them, shaking what my momma gave me.  Okay, maybe rubbing their snouts in defeat was a little much, but remember I was jacked up and high as a kite just then.  I think I can be excused for my poor sportsmanship.
“So long, boys!” I shouted at the snarling shifters, who were fighting to get the disabled gate open.  “I’m gonna do some hog hunting now!”
Their curses and shaking fists let me know that they heard and saw me just fine.  Being visible gave my hectic brain an idea to help Bane out of the jam he was in, and I was raring to go.  So I went … straight to the hood of Bottle’s car.
I arrived planted on all fours in the middle of the Chevy’s hood as it clattered down 341 near the industrial section.  You should have seen Bottle and C.K.’s faces as I glared through the windshield at them, even before I yelled, “BOO!”  Bugging eyes and round, manhole mouths.  I swear to you, C.K. screamed louder and higher than his girlfriend, his cloven hands thrust out to ward me off.  Bottle let go of the steering wheel to grab the sides of her head, and the car squalled as she hit the brakes hard.  Priceless.
Then the car swerved out from under me, and I popped over to the side of the road to watch it jump the curb.  Bottle had rolled up her window, and I heard it when her head thunked against it.  Ouch.  The car came to rest a few feet from train tracks and stalled out.
Forget PIT maneuvers and spike strips.  All you need is a seriously amped-up ghost as a hood ornament and the bad guys stop.
Neither passenger moved, and I materialized by the driver’s side to check the situation out.  Boy, I hoped I hadn’t killed Bottle.  C.K. – meh.
Bottle was breathing but out cold.  C.K. shook his head, clearing the cobwebs.  A rivulet of blood ran down the side of his jowly face.  “Ha ha, tag, you’re it,” I called.
His nearsighted eyes swung over to me and squinted, trying to make me out more clearly.  He bared his yellowed tusks, and I offered a big, theatric yawn.  I’m already dead.  Whatchoo gonna do, Pig Boy?
What he did was lean over Bottle, throw the car door open, and shove her out onto the ground at my feet.   “Stay out of my way, bitch,” he snorted to me as he slid over to take her place behind the wheel. 
Yeah, he was a real winner to take home to Mom. 
He tried to start the car back up.  It ground to life, but when C.K. jammed the transmission into reverse, neverminding his girlfriend who would get run over if he followed that course, something under the car screeched.  The car shut off again without moving a bit.  I blew C.K. a raspberry.
He tore out of the car to scream in my face.  His was as red as a beet.  “Fucking ghost!  You think you can fuck with me?  I’ll take his ass out now!”

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New in Print - Check it out!

Marshal and Earth biologist Cassie Krol is ordered to use her new-found psychic Handler power over elementals to cleanse a cyborg planet of a genetic anomaly instigated by bio-engineering centuries ago. Why? Cyborg Mate Quests terrorize the universe. The cost? Her vision. And she doesn't believe in tampering with genetic code. Then, the cyborg’s womb of a space station awaiting its Goddess—the most sacred legendary female whose arrival is believed to preclude their Sacred Seed going home—chooses her as its Goddess. So much for a girl's code of ethics.
Cyborg geneticist Vult lived every day since The Changing Times with his reproductive system deactivated by the nanites he created and altered for the survival of his species. So, he can save her vision if she gives his cyborg body her soul. Ensoulment is just the beginning of their FERAL FORETASTE.

Length: Mid-Novel
Genre: Paranormal/Futuristic Erotica
Rating: Erotica

Weston Gavon wishes only for death after years spent in slavery, but his duty to Harmony and the other young innocents dependent on him forces him to gather his tattered honor and stagger onward.
Harmony doesn’t know the details of the years Weston spent away from her, but she’s determined to make him into a better man. But an evil from their past will soon disrupt the slow-healing of their relationship. Will the strength of their love survive the test and be enough to save them?

Length: Mid-Novel
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Rating: Spicy

Viscount Beaumont has buried himself in the country since his wife died. As the French Revolution rages, French actress Verity Garnier is ordered to England to seduce him back to France. She despises men, but she must not fail.

Length: Full Novel Genre:
Historical Romance
Rating: Sensual/Spicy

The Chalice by P.L. Parker - New Ebook and Print Release

Decimated by the savage Deg’Nara and teetering on the brink of extinction, the last surviving males of the once great Chiagan-Se embark on a quest to salvage what is left of their civilization. They send their remaining seeker ships into the void, searching for genetically compatible females. Time is running out, but in the far reaches of the universe, on an obscure and primitive planet, a match is discovered.

One thousand panic-stricken women awaken two hundred years in the future, captives aboard an unmanned alien spacecraft bound for parts unknown! How had they gotten there and why?

The males thought they came willingly. The females believed they’d been kidnapped. Full of hopeful expectation, the Chiagan-Se prepare for the arrival of their new mates. Terrified and furious at the inexplicable abduction, the women prepare for combat! And when the two sides meet, the battle commences.

Length: Full Novel
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: Spicy

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Author Spotlight!

Just in time to appreciate my newest release,Talkers,  Monday. March 26th NCP has me up for an Author Spotlight. Don't miss it and your chance to grab my books, while they are up for special % off savings at-
 New Concept Publishing

Have a great weekend and happy reading!

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Author Web Sites!

Hi everyone,
  I've got my new web site up and going. I filled it with great info on my books and can't miss excerpts for all seven of my books. Now I'm adding links to some of my favorite sites. If any other author, book reviewer or avid reader would like to do a link swap send me a message at-
Check out my site at Deb's Daydreams

Have a great day and happy reading!
  Debra A. Soles

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Author Chat and Contest Winner

The winner of my What's your favorite type of hero? contest is Sarah Bronte Rodgers. Her favorite is alien humanoid and it doesn't matter what he does. Though she did say she really liked the cyborg type. Hum a cyborg alien that is also part humanoid. That gives me great ideas I could use for another book.
So congradulations Sarah! Don't forget to pick which book you would like and send me he title with your e-mail address.
Thanks for everyone who joined the chat, left comments for me across the web and all the readers who couldn't make it.
Happy Reading!
  Debra A. Soles

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Author Chat and Contest

Don't forget tonight is the night. My author chat and contest is tonight at- NCP Network
You don't want to miss out on this exciting chat with me and a number of other NCP author's. And don't forget to pick your favorite type of hero for your chance to win a copy of one of my books.

Hope to see you there and happy reading,
Debra A. Soles

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24 Hour Sale @ NCP

Where did all our books go?

What happened to all the books? Many of our books have been banned by the Morality Police. Like our contemporaries, we are no longer allowed to sale books using PayPal if they find them objectionable. Due to the graphic nature of some of our books, we can no longer sale them through the New Concepts Publishing website. We have been working toward a solution to this problem and will post new information as it becomes available.

Free Story - The Plant Lady

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Elliot Road

Sarah Sinclair may not believe the rumors about Elliot Road being haunted. Yet, when she finds herself caught in its claws on a dark, stormy night, she suddenly feels as if she’s thrust into a horror movie. She takes another eerie turn when she chooses to offer assistance to a stranded motorist with the ability to disappear. With her car overheating, she has no choice but to accept the help from Trent McCoughla, a construction worker refinishing his house on Elliot Road. The undeniable passion she feels with Trent is stronger than the storm that rages through the night. And while she feels safe in Trent’s arms and warm and dry in his house, she soon discovers there are more terrifying things she has to face on Elliot Road…

Length: Short Story
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: Spicy

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Alien Slave By Tracy St. John Now Available

Clans of Kalquor 5.  Dani Watson is a sex slave on the planet of Dantovon.  Having escaped post-Armageddon Earth, she’s resigned to spending several years working in a brothel to pay off her slave contract.  Her one consolation is that she avoided being captured and enslaved by the Kalquorians.

When a Kalquorian clan buys her contract, Dani attempts escape.  Crashing on a remote moon puts her life in jeopardy, leaving her and the clan of Gelan, Wynhod, and Krijero fighting for survival in a hostile environment.  Worse still, they’re being hunted by a group of brutal Tragooms who are determined to capture Dani and subject her to a fate worse than mere slavery.

Rating:  Carnal.  Mild BDSM.  Forced seduction.  Multiple sexual partners.

Dani considered him as he stared into the dancing flames.  She found Krijero hard to read.   He was gentle, compassionate, and looked after her carefully.  He’d thrown himself on her when percussion blaster fire raged around them.  He’d even opened up to her a little the one time when they’d made love.  His occasional clumsiness endeared him to her, made her feel better about her own awkwardness, and made him more approachable than the rest of his self-assured species.  Yet he was mostly silent around her.  He rarely looked her in the face.  He often seemed ill at ease when she spoke to him.
Dani remembered the vulnerability he’d shown that one night, how it had made her want to make him happy.  Such a fascinating dichotomy, this man who demonstrated both courage and a sense of having been hurt.  It bothered her that he continued to keep her at arm’s length.
“You don’t like me much, do you?”  She kept her tone nonchalant.
He looked at her then, his eyes wide with surprise.  “On the contrary.  I like you more than I’m comfortable with.”
Well, that was interesting.  “Why do you say that?”
He laughed, the sound embarrassed.  “I didn’t mean to admit that.  Your question shocked the answer out of me.”
“You don’t want to like me?” 
Krijero shrugged.  “I hate putting myself on the line with another person.  Like you, I was hurt by someone I loved.  I have a mortal terror of rejection now.”
Dani nodded.  Rejection was hard.  Every rebuff she’d ever suffered had humiliated her, made her feel small and unimportant.  And there had been so many. 
She swallowed.  “Who pushed you away?”
The Imdiko stared into the fire once more.  “A Dramok I had a long relationship with when I was young.  We were together for several years, and then when we were of age he clanned another Imdiko.  I never saw it coming.”
 No wonder he came off so much like a kicked puppy sometimes.  He’d been dumped for someone else.  “Wow,” Dani breathed.  “What a jerk.”
Krijero laughed hard at that.  “I suppose he was.  I’ve called him much worse.”
Dani scooted to sit closer to him, to give a show of support.  To her delight, he circled her waist with one arm.  “So how did you end up trusting Gelan and Wynhod enough to clan with them?”
He admitted, “It took a long time.  I thought it had to be some kind of joke they were playing on me, asking me to be their Imdiko.  I mean, I trip over my own feet, I never remember to brush my hair, I have the worst time talking to people I don’t know.  Why would they pick me?”
“Nothing plays hell with your self-confidence like someone telling you you’re not good enough.”  Dani sighed.
“Believe me, I know that for a fact.”  Krijero smiled and shook his head.  “I was so scared it would happen again.  I can’t believe Gelan and Wynhod didn’t give up on me, but they finally convinced me they really wanted me to join them.”
“You’re lucky to have found them.  I’m jealous.”  She leaned back to consider him.  “We’re a lot alike, maybe.”
He nodded.  A lock of hair fell over her face, and he gently smoothed it back for her.  “I think we are.  I like you, Dani.  But I don’t want to get attached and have you leave when your contract is up.”
She blinked hard against the sting of tears.  “I like you too.   But no one has ever stuck around, so I’m waiting for your clan to disappear on me too.  You may end up thrilled to see me go when the three years are done.”
He studied her in silence for a few moments, his face working as he seemed about to say something several times and stopped himself.  At last he did speak, his tone so faint she had to strain to hear him.  “I don’t think so.  I think despite all my attempts to not fall in love, I might fail.”
Dani bit her lips together.  He liked her that much?  Enough to think he might want to keep her?  Tears escaped despite her best efforts, and she knuckled them away.  She wondered how long it would take before her usual impulsive stupidity changed his mind.  “We’re a mess, Krijero.”
He nodded.  “I suppose we are.”
“Want to have sex?”
Another burst of laughter, and he pulled her close, his face dipping down for the first kiss.  “I do.  I think we can trust each other for that, at least.”
His tongue invaded her mouth as he lowered her to the platform.  He felt so amazing against her body, so warm and strong.  Dani opened her legs to him, letting his searching hand dive into her damp folds.

For another excerpt and to buy, click here.

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Night Fever

Night Fever

Carly spread her auburn hair over the pillow and shivered in anticipation, the smooth satin sheets cool against her hot, nude body. It was the blindfold. “Leave it in place,” they’d said when she’d “won” the use of the bedroom. Enjoy the erotic, carnal pleasure of raw sex without ever knowing who her partner was. Any moment now, the door knob would turn and one of the hired male strippers—bare-chested men with rope abs right off the cover of a bodice-ripper—would draw the winning straw, break from the party in the next room and come to her.
Come. Dear God, what if he just ground his cock into her without foreplay? This was the 80’s… Bang parties were what was happening. Would she be wet enough to take him? Carly slid her hand down between her thighs and inserted a finger. Moist, but not slick. Frantically, she stroked her clitoris, pressing the little nub hard. She would be mortified if one of those hot hunks found out how inexperienced she really was. One lover was all she’d had. Damn, why had she let her friends talk her into this?
She knew why. Her sorority sister, Jillian,—golden-haired, silver-tongued—loved taking risks, living on the edge. When she’d gotten the invitation to this party, Carly had agreed to come along to keep an eye on her and had lugged along her friend, Charles, whom she’d known since junior high. Steady, reliable Charles would make sure things didn’t get out of hand. Carly never suspected, as they entered a room with the Bee Gees blaring from a Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, that she would be the fortieth person to walk through the door and hence, a “winner”. Charles had tried to get her to pass on this “invitation”, but she’d stuck her chin out stubbornly. It was time she got over the hurt of being dumped. A sexy, no-name man giving her a mind-blowing orgasm was just what she needed. To hell with emotions. Mr. Stud would be just fine.
The door squeaked open and she caught her breath. This was it then.
Hearing amplified, she listened to the rustle of clothing being removed and then felt the mattress sink as the guy lowered himself beside her. He checked to make sure the blindfold was securely in place.
“Scared?” he whispered.

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Author Spotlight: Suzanne Embree

Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone! Hope yall have a good one.

New Print Releases!

Alien Salvation:

Lindsey McInness and her parents are barely surviving on post-Armageddon Earth. When a Kalquorian shuttle crashes nearby, Lindsey has no choice but to offer herself to the clan on board in exchange for food and rescue.

Bacoj, Japohn and Vax are stunned when a young woman presents herself to them for their sexual pleasure. Kalquorians of their youth and low rank have no expectation of finding the elusive Earther mates Kalquorians covet so highly. But the strong willed and yet yielding Lindsey seems to be a perfect fit for them … until they learn her secret that threatens to tear the entire clan apart.

Length: Mid-Novel
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Rating: Erotica. Mild BDSM. Forced seduction. Multiple sexual partners.


Borne Vampires Book III: Wulf's Redemption:

Secrets and lies, past and present, all seeped in betrayal come full circle when Alex's deepest fears come face to face with ghosts of his past. How can he keep his past a secret from Kai when the one place in the world he wants to run from, the very same place where he lost his humanity, is the only hope they have to survive?

Length: Full Novel
Genre: Paranormal Vampire Erotica
Rating: Erotica

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Shopping Showdown

Free Story by Buffi Becraft

Shopping Showdown

The furry jerk was in the house somewhere. Diana Ridley knew it. A combination of her empathic abilities and the new metaphysical connection she now possessed, gave her a lot of insight to the local werewolf pack. That and the scent of coffee she had not brewed wafted from the kitchen.
Besides, where else would a werewolf pack hang out, but at her house? Never mind that they hated to be referred to as werewolves. They were wolven, more powerful and among and socially superior to their were-cousins. At least, that was Adam Weis’s stand on the matter. Furry elitist jerk.
Diana stormed down the hallway leading to the kitchen. Her bare feet slapped against the hardwood floor, announcing her entry and her churning emotions. Her scent probably preceded her. By whatever means, the three men, muscled prime beefcake material were forwarned and watched her entrance in various states of wariness. Ha! She thought. They should be more than wary. Letting themselves into her house. Sucking down her good mail-order coffee.
Diana ignored the golden blond god and the African-American version of Adonis and slapped the crumbled letter in front of the alpha leader of the pack, the Canis Pater, Adam Weis. A sexy dimple emerged with his killer smile and Adam held out a mug. His pale blue, husky colored eyes met hers with a special warmth reserved especially for her. Her fingers itched to touch the white blond strands of hair that escaped the tie at the back of his neck and fell across a high cheekbone. Oooo. He was good and he knew it. The man was sexy. Diana tried unsuccessfully to smother the heat that unfurled in her belly. She narrowed her gaze and met his without flinching.
“Coffee, my sweet?”
“Don’t try to butter me up.” Adam grinned at her comeback, full of suggestion. Amusement danced in his eyes. She knew exactly where his male, one track mind was heading and headed him off before he tried to weasel his way out of this mess. “I mean it buster. You knew everyone thought we’d done that mate thing.” 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Feature Books Posted on NCP

Gabby hadn’t intended the deception as anything more than a self-protection—she hadn’t lied. She simply hadn’t admitted she was widowed, but as she was lured deeper and deeper into CMSgt. Erik Coledane’s long range seduction, she began to realize she’d made a fatal mistake that could tear her world apart.
Length: Mid-Novel
Genre: Contemporary Erotica
Rating: Erotica. Ménage. Cybersex. Phone Sex. Mild BDSM.

Chancellor Vi Burceau is putting not only Commander Eshana Vi Dacro’s world at risk but also her mother’s homeworld of Crete who is under the protection of the water planet Dakamar. Eshana is suspicious of the Chancellor’s motives and enlists the help of Commander Alexander Vi Dakar of Dakamar. Only his idea of an alliance is not quite what she had in mind.

Length: Novella
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Rating: Sensual

It was forbidden to fraternize with 'guests' beyond the club, The Tiger's Eye, and yet from the moment she discovers the dark stranger leaning against her car, Caitlyn is drawn to him so powerfully she can't make herself run from the danger she senses in him.

Length: Short Story
Genre: Paranormal Erotica
Rating: Erotica/Spicy

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Readers rule

Readers really do rule!

Whether you read on Kindle, Nook, Sony, or even dead tree books :shocked: if you enjoyed the title you just read, please take a moment and leave a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Goodreads. Here's a whole article on why reviews have so much power and how to leave one without giving yourself a headache.

In this brave new world of publishing, readers rule more than ever. Go review something.

How seriously do you take reader reviews?

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I'm on Twitter!

I know, I know---I'm so far behind the times! LOL  But I'm finally on Twitter!  Follow me @ErinDameronHill to get the latest updates!  If you're on Twitter, let me know!  I would love to follow you as well!  Keeping in touch with friends and readers is very important to me!


Erin Dameron-Hill

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Songs of the Sirens: Seduction by Piper Rowan!

Hello Everyone!

I'm thrilled to say that New Concepts Publishing has contracted Songs of the Sirens: Seduction, Book I in my erotic futuristic fantasy series.  The sirens in my series are a bit different from the sirens in mythology.  I had so much fun writing the first book and I am hard at work on the second in the series, tentatively titled Surrender. I'd also like to thank Tiffany for everything she's done!

Here is the blurb for Songs of the Sirens: Seduction along with a short excerpt!

A siren, two kings, two princes, and a slave....


For Serena Rivers, being a siren always seemed like a curse—until she was finally ready to indulge her sexual cravings. But will the five men she lusts over be able to handle it when she finally unleashes her powers and becomes a goddess of seduction, or will she be unable to bring peace to the planet of Sindara and its warring countries? 

Serena inhaled the sweet air, fragrant with the native flowers and the scent of the sea.  A deep longing stirred within her and her eyes as if being commanded by another force, settled on the softly lapping waves that rolled against the beach.  She started when she saw movement out in the dark depths.  For one split second, she thought she’d seen a human head bobbing out of the water.
The moonlight sparkling against the water put her soul at ease.  She could easily swim in that water, despite the risk involved, it sang to her.  Folding her arms tightly across her chest, she shivered, as deep melancholy washed over her.
She gradually became drowsy enough that she had to leave the balcony.  Zander had taken his leave without a word to her, and in a way, she didn’t care.  She walked to the door and tested the handle.  Not surprisingly, it was locked.  Shrugging her shoulders, she walked back over to the bed, and collapsed wearily upon it.  She shouldn’t feel this lethargic not after the night of ecstasy she’d had, but dreamland beckoned to her, and she went without a struggle.
“Serena,” her name was softly whispered by a man whose voice she didn’t recognize.  She smiled and rolled over in the bed.  That same man touched her on the arm, and his light touch made her shiver with delight.  She slowly opened her eyes.  In the darkened room, she barely made out his silhouette next to the bed.  He was larger than both Chiron and Zander, and from the moonlight spilling into the room from the open balcony she could see that he had blue-black hair.  His eyes captivated her; they were the color of the sea and sparkled like diamonds.  In a way they had the same effervescent life her eyes possessed.  “Come with me, my water princess,” he said softly, his melodiously deep voice lulling her into submission.  She sat up, and tossed the sheets off her body.  Still wearing the robe, she put her feet on the floor, and gripped the strong large hand he offered to her.  It felt cold and also a bit wet.  Still believing it was a dream, she followed him to the balcony.  He levitated them up into the air, and together they rode the wind out to sea.  As the sea spritzed up onto her face, she became fully alert.  Her eyes opened wide, and she struggled to pull away from the man of the sea. 
He walked into the waves, and pulled her behind him.  “No, you don’t understand,” she said desperately, fear slicing through her heart, “my kind doesn’t live under the sea!  I’m not a mermaid!”  Her fierce protestations were cut off as he pulled her beneath the depths, and she lost consciousness.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Check out this hot new ebook

Their love affair was forbidden, but nothing was going to stop Jay Hamilton from having the woman of his dreams. He has plans for Laura Bradford, and they don’t just include a photo shoot. He’d been lusting over her from a distance—and after saving her from her latest embarrassing predicament, he fully intends to collect on the debt she owes him.

Length: Short Story
Genre: Contemporary Interracial Erotica
Rating: Erotica

Last Chance

Last Chance to get discount on Cynthia Breeding's Ebooks.... Sale Ends at Noon!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

ALPHA WORSHIP PART 2--A man has been made!

Hi all!

I hope everyone enjoyed their winter holidays!

Last month, I asked for opinions relating to Sten from ALPHA WORSHIP PART 2 and I appreciate all the comments.  But the majority has spoken--

Sten will be a doppelganger with less hair (LOL Nay Nay) and plenty of tattoos!

So, again, thank you all for your input!   And because I'm shameless, don't forget to read ALPHA WORSHIP PART 1 available from New Concepts Publishing.

If you still can't get enough werewolf action, EDGE OF REALITY: HOOD has just been released!

Edge of Reality: Hood

In EDGE OF REALITY: HOOD, Jane finds herself face to face with a big, bad wolf who yearns to devour her!  Her husband, Axe Huntsman, tells her to be wary of wolves but Jane is tempted by the erotic devil she meets in the woods and she can't help but to fall prey to his delicious body!  But can Jane find her way back home before the wolf literally eats her alive?


Erin Dameron-Hill

Friday, January 6, 2012

Tracy St. John's Netherworld: Drop Dead Sexy Now Available

Escort Brandilynn Payson is shocked to discover she’s dead.  Even worse, she’s the latest victim of the Fulton Falls Ripper, a vampire serial killer.  Being deceased is no obstacle for fun however, and Brandilynn quickly proves she’s the life of the after-death party.  But her killer is still on her trail, and she learns there are worse things than death to worry about.

RATING: Carnal/Erotica.  Mild BDSM, multiple sexual partners. 
Genre: Paranormal Romance. 


"Damn – darn it Brandilynn, I’m not one to be sitting in judgment over you.  I’m just trying to figure out what makes you tick.”
And there it was, the cocktail that turns me giddy every time.  Concern mixed liberally with strength.  Dang him. 
I sighed, knowing I’d lost this battle.  I adjusted his collar and smoothed his rumpled hair.  “I can tell you a sad story about how my parents wouldn’t let me live my own life until I’d do anything to escape them.  How they withheld love when I didn’t do things their way.  I can put on my pathetic face and cry over the fiancée who broke off our engagement as soon as I let him in my pants.  No doubt those issues had a hand in making me who I am, but let’s be honest shall we?  After all, I’m dead and there’s no point in lying about my life.”
Dan eased his grip on my shoulders and rubbed up and down my arms.  His voice a soft rumble, he said, “There’s nothing wrong with honesty.”
I smiled, unable to help myself.  Dan was just too yummy to stay mad at.  “Fine then.  First thing.  I don’t trust men, not enough to hitch my cart up to one for a long period of time.  I got burned bad, and I can’t make myself feel better about it.  Second point; I love sex.  Especially kinky sex.  It feels good with the right guy and I’m not going to apologize for wanting to do it or making a few bucks doing what I enjoy.”
Dan nodded.  He didn’t look disgusted.  He was dealing with the worst of me.  Gold stars for him.  “Third point?”
“I don’t like cussing because the world’s ugly enough without unnecessary vulgarity.  Pussy and cock are fine when we’re in the bedroom, but the rest is just plain unattractive talk.”  When he opened his mouth, I pointed a finger in warning.  “I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense to you.  It makes sense to me.”
“Fair enough,” he drawled.  No humor marred his expression.  He took me seriously.  More stars.  “Fourth?”
“I like watching people who put on a show.  I like putting on a show myself.  What I don’t like is seeing what should be private business, especially when it’s creepy vampire business.”
There.  I had answered everything he asked.  It was up to him to decide what to do with it.
            Dan took his time doing that, still rubbing my bare arms with his big, strong, calloused hands.  Jeez, I loved the feeling of his hands on me.  Despite my best efforts, I was falling into sensual stupidity, wanting to discard my dress and bare every inch to that rough touch.