Friday, November 18, 2011

VOTE FOR COUGAR -- Best Erotic Paranormal Shifter Romance...


Jackal really is my most favorite hero out of the lot I've created. And post-apocalyptic Earth isn't an easy place to live. Give Jackal a blue ribbon!

Werescape I: Cougar has been nominated by TRR reviewers for Best Erotic Paranormal Romance – Shifter (2011) at The Romance Reviews. Vote at The Romance Reviews until November 30. Results announced December 1, 2011. Thanks! ~Skhye


"There are only four words needed to describe this wild ride through the werescape: Big. Hairy. Wolf. Cock. Once Skhye Moncrief wove her written magic, I was spellbound and entranced...This tale is pure erotic romance in its most wicked and tempting form as Sierra and Jackal become bound as soul mates while struggling to survive under alien rule. Filled with action, suspense, and of course, verra hawt sex, COUGAR is sure to get your kitty purring!" NOR Top Pick ~Erona Diane Hill

"Wow girl, I am in love, please can I have Jackal all for myself please pretty please? OMG Skhye you did a great job, the book is amazing. I am totally in love with Jackal. In a long time, I haven't seen characters so well-developed as in this e-book. Your book is engaging, and the characters so easy to relate to and to love. I must say I don't think the cover does them justice , but the book is a great and very very well written. And glory of glories the heroine is not a brat. She can kick butt without being a pain in the butt. Wow. ...that was quality there for sure." ~Lourdesatkinson, at NCP's 1st chat site

"Wonderfully raw and deliciously erotic...I bought this book yesterday after reading the HOT excerpt...Truly... you won't be disappointed with this exceptional sci/fi paranormal fantasy by one seriously-talented author!" ~Pearl G at NCP

"I really liked how real the main characters in COUGAR were. Your mate dies but you are in a world where being a woman alone (especially a cougar) is bad news. The conflict Sierra felt with having feeling with her new mate and mourning her old mate was felt. I could easily put myself in her shoes and wonder how I would handle life in her situation. Plus the love scenes, HOT! I am about to read the first three books in the Feral series." ~Bridget Conroy Jackson, review from Facebook

"The love story of Jackal and Sierra is woven seamlessly into a tale filled with lots of action and hot Shifter sex." ~Candy;

"Skhye Moncrief sure has a gift to manipulate words… an excellent read. Shkye Moncrief found her own writing style and some very very happy readers! okay… I still prefer her Feral series but it is almost a tie with her werescape series." ~Mary's Naughty Whispers

Another COUGAR excerpt & buy links: NCP, Kindle, and ARE.

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